Tetragon is our latest Android and Desktop game. As with Charge!, this is a frustrating "survive the level" game where your goal is to lead the protagonist to the exit.

The game will probably run on your mobile phone if it's a recent model, but you may have performance issues. If you do, turn off film grain and "fall apart when dying" in the settings.

Since ads may interfere with your game space, clicking them removes them for 30 minues, more than enough time to get a headache and quit!

The game is difficult, and it may get frustrating. If you see that a level is impossible to pass, please leave me a note at the comment section below.

If you need walkthroughs on a level (or a coin) let me know and I'll create a video for it.

I haven't tested Tetragon on Windows or Mac, but Java is portable enough so I wouldn't expect you to run into trouble.


06/June/2012 v1.7

A few adjustments and preparation for adding new mechanics and levels. Also I'm thinking of publishing the level editor and allow loading packs in the game (and also make it skinnable), let me know if you are interested in the comments.

28/April/2012 v1.4 + v1.5

Adjusted player controls a bit for a more "natural" response during gravity switch. This should make horizontal "jumps" easier.

Some better performance for slower mobiles. (Desktops don't need to download 1.5 if you have 1.4)

Enough updates for now!

28/April/2012  v1.3

Changed the scroll method for level select and instructions. It's now done by click and drag.

Fixed an issue with minor incosistencies within the levels

As always, the .apk is for the android version and the .zip file is for the desktop.

For the desktop, just extract the .zip file and run the jar file using java.

For Google Play, scan or click the barcode


If you find yourself overly satisfied with the game and have a need to express your happiness, you can buy me a beer!